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Real Change Real Results


Whether you are a leader, identified as having high potential or an employee struggling with performance-related challenges, I coach to inspire change and results.  Success starts one step at a time, but often we cannot see what is most important to shift.  When we can align our thoughts, intentions and actions with our desired outcomes we can create real change with real results.


Using a customized cognitive behavioral approach for each client's needs, results occur with clarity of goals, insight into the beliefs holding us back and built in accountability to achieve them. Through the use of instruments, mindfulness and action coaching brings about transformation.

“Change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”. Dr. Wayne Dyer


​For years I had the "I'm not good enough, I'can't, I'm too overwhelmed" and all sorts of other messages playing over in my head preventing me from reaching my fullest potential.  It wasn't until I recognized and managed that inner critic that I was able to envision what I wanted and take the hardest, first step.  

If this sounds familiar, answer the next three questions to see if coaching may be exactly what you need now.


1. Are you living your dream job?  
2. Do you often feel you are not good enough?  Overwhelmed?  Stuck?  
3. Do you know what you want out of life and why you are here?

If any of your answers have caused the inner voice to say “wait a minute!” Or “I am not happy with that,” then coaching is a great place to realize where and how you are getting in your own way!  

Use my three step process found in Unleash Your Power to achieve outcomes that you never thought were within your reach.