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 Coaching with me

As a coach, I believe in creating a safe environment for my clients to overcome their obstacles.  Whether its their negative impact on others, not understanding the political environment or just needing honest feedback, I am there as a sounding board, a listener, and a champion.  I have been told by my clients that I can hear the dissonance and identify what is possible through their story.  I inject compassion to hard conversations.  I bring honesty to tough circumstances.  I am a direct communicator.  I support people achieving what they believed was impossible.

Client Testimonials

"Kirsten has been instrumental in helping me step outside of my crazed day-to-day in order to observe how my actions impact others. She is an excellent sounding board, asks insightful questions, and gives the kind of advice that can be applied immediately in my next meeting. She has helped me frame problems, issues and opportunities in a way that will better resonate with others and move us forward in a more frictionless way. I have enthusiastically recommended her to others in my organization as well!"  Elissa SVP Talent

"I had the opportunity to be engaged with Kirsten on a level of providing career coaching sessions which ultimately touched my personal relationships, my health and my overall wellness.  Her energy and positivity is infectious.  She has a fantastic ability too extracting ideas and creating clarity,  Kirsten brought reflection on my upbringing and those that had been influential.  This insight helped me to understand my drive, my passion and overall why I am who I am today.  During our time together, I was immersed in of of the most difficult times in my professional career.  Her lessons of self reflection and perseverance brought me to a place where I am today: humbled, happy and able to hold my head up high and have success.  I and now confidence to set ambitious goals and capitalizing on them; something that would not have  happened without Kirsten's fortitude to see within me and my potential."  Melissa CHRO

"I had no experience with coaching before and was skeptical.  I didn't know what I would talk about for an hour with Kirsten.  She was really easy to talk to and I looked forward to our calls.  I enjoyed our time together and it was because of Kirsten.  I struggled with sarcasm and know that I put certain people off.  I am now mindful of how others experience me.  I went from being focused on the plant to focusing on my people."  Stephen Assistant Maintenance Manager

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