Speaking Topics

Women in Business

Based on the bestselling book, Unleash Your Power, this keynote will actively inspire women to inspect where they have been, where they feel stuck and how to create their future.  You will learn: 
• 3 Steps to creating Your life
• Common traps to avoid
• Dream big and create it 
• Be mentored and mentor other women
• Show up as your BEST SELF

Diversity and Inclusion

Many of us understand the need to having a diverse and inclusive culture but fall short of creating collective buy-in.  In this Keynote you will be introduced to building inclusivity and equity into daily work, at every level, to create change, one person at a time.  Research demonstrates the benefits to embracing diversity. But it starts with each one of us talking accountability for the results!
• How to apply the changes to self
• D & I Best Practices
• Identify opportunities to lead with positive results
• Sustain it!

Building the Essential Soft Skills of Leadership

After years of working with individuals, teams and companies, I have found practical steps new people leaders can take to ensure success. Learn what is important to connecting with people.  When we are successful with this, we increase team productivity.  Move past feeling overwhelmed and underprepared and towards success!  In this Keynote you will learn: 

• The top mistakes people leaders make.

• How to identify when you are getting in your own way to success.

• Sound principles that lead to results.

• Move past the old thinking to a new mindset.