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Have you ever found yourself just going through the motions of life, wishing there were more? Are you spending your time at work as an inauthentic version of yourself, just to get the job done in peace or to bring home a paycheck? When you speak, do you feel your voice isn’t being heard? Do you feel bound by obligation and duty, only to come home at night, overwhelmed and exhausted from the day?  


In her work as a coach and a facilitator, Kirsten Blakemore challenges women to reclaim their lives through self-awareness and choice. Women who have felt shut down learn how to wake up their inner strength and creativity so that they can shake up their life and create the outcomes they have always wanted but never dared to dream they could have.


In her book, Unleash Your Power, Kirsten outlines a three-step process to empower women to make a greater impact within the workspace. You will learn how to arm yourself to achieve your goals, to lead with authenticity, and to master self-awareness through these three simple steps. Women who embody resilience, compassion, and strength will learn how to tap into and embrace their inner wisdom to live their values. Kirsten continues to coach women who are ready to take the next step in their careers to create balance in an overwhelming world, to find their voice when feeling stuck, and to courageously own their worth.  

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"Kirsten Blakemore's Unleash Your Power is written for every woman.   Anyone who wants to do more with their life will benefit from reading this book."


BestEverYou.COM Radio Show

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Webinar for Women: “3 Ways to Overcome Your Current Obstacles to Stand Strong, Sponsored by BlueEQ

Webinar Series


Step 1

April 14 at 11AM PST

30-minute session for 3 days focused on helping you tap into your unique potential, create the future according to you, and live your best life ever!  Sign up for all 3 steps, all 3 days!

Unleash Your Power


Step 2

April 15th at 11AM PST

Remember how many times you’ve thought or said out loud, “I wish I had more time to (fill in the blank)”? Well, now, you do!  

Sign up for all 3 steps, all 3 days! For Free!

Unleash Your Power


Step 3

April 16th at 11:00AM PST

Right now, is a great time to reflect inwards and take care of ourselves. Let’s use the extra time to create the future we have always wanted or at least plant the seeds for when we are out of lockdown!

Unleash Your Power

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